Continuing a Formula One Traidition

My favorite thing to do is watch the Formula One races with my grandfather. We have this tradition where we pop some popcorn and sit in front of the television and watch the race as it happens. One day my grandfather became ill and had to be taken to the hospital. He was in a coma for a while and we weren’t sure if he would come out of it. The thought of losing my grandfather was something that I wasn’t prepared to think about. We will all die some day, but no one really likes to think about their own mortality or anyone elses.

I went to see my grandfather every day. Even though he was in a coma, I knew he could hear me and tell when I was in the room. I would tell him about my day and have a normal conversation with him as if he was wide awake. I kept hoping that one day in the middle of me talking, he would sit up and every thing would be back to normal, but he was showing no signs of movement. Continue reading “Continuing a Formula One Traidition”

Top Factors to Consider When Purchasing Airsoft Guns

For all those who are looking to get into the sport seriously, purchasing the airsoft gun is perhaps the most crucial decision. It will play a significant role in playing the game smoothly without any hassle. Major reason for which this game is extremely popular is the adrenaline rush, thrill and the excitement that this game provides which can only be achieved with the right gun. However, purchasing the gun is no mean task as several factors need to be considered to help you nail the perfect gun for purchase. Some of those factors are:-

Determine the purpose of the gun

The types and specifications of these guns vary tremendously. Thus, it is imperative to ascertain the purpose for which you intend buying the gun. The various types of airsoft guns include sniping, covering fire, CBQ, support gunner, etc. For instance, the small CQB guns are easier to pop in and out of all corners while the snipers, despite being bulky and expensive are very powerful. The type and amount of airsoft ammunition it can hold is also crucial. For instance, an assault rifle with a high capacity magazine is ideal for covering fires whereas support guns come with hard, but heavy-hitting light machine guns. Getting a clear idea of your approach to the game will help you to buy the right type of gun.

Check out the price

It is important to decide on a budget of the airsoft gun before you buy one. The budget allocation should not only depend on your affordability but also the extent to which you intend to get involved in the game. There is no need to invest an enormous amount of money of you just plan to indulge occasionally. Initially, it’s best to opt for a cheaper version. It is because the gun tends to break while you are learning the ropes. Once you have got your game right, you can always go for the advanced and expensive model.


Sometimes people make the mistake of opting for the models with the greatest amount of power in their budget. While the importance of the power cannot be overstated, they need to fit your bill. Moreover, the cheaper versions can never match the power of the expensive models though they make up for it by allowing you to make close range shots. It becomes important as the accuracy increases because of it which is what counts.


Get the velocity level of the gun determined and then find out if that velocity offered is appropriate or not. The level of velocity must be according to the age of the user. Often this information can also be found at the rear side of the box in which the gun is packed. This advice has been given by the professionals. It also helps you in determining the speed of the gunshot.


You cannot afford to skip on examining the overall reliability of the gun. This may look inconsequential, but different airsoft guns are known to have different reliability records. Thus you must verify beforehand that the airsoft gun you are considering buying can provide a consistent rate of fire. This difference occurs because of the different materials used in making the gun like plastic or metal which directly impacts the reliability of the gun.


While purchasing airsoft guns, safety must be given top priority. One must understand that airsoft weapons fire projectiles which can cause injury. It is best to check with local government or law enforcements and know about the legal restrictions on non-lethal weapons and their accessories. For instance, some jurisdictions require airsoft guns to be fitted with bright orange tips at the end of the barrel to help identify the weapon as being non-lethal. Often the gun tips can be interchanged with tactical colored versions to determine the teams before game play. They can later be switched back.

With these precautions, you can rarely go wrong with the purchase.

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Safety Measures for Your First Successful Bungee Jump

Many of us want to try the nerve-wracking bungee jump experience. The word “bungee” originated from West Country dialect of English language which means “anything thick and squat” and is also spelt as “bungy” in New Zealand and some other countries.

Imagine yourself jumping off from a very high place, may be a tall structure or movable object such as a helicopter or hot-air balloon while being strapped into a harness with a strong, and long elastic rope that stretches and keeps you from hitting the ground. It seems like your soul separated from your physical body during the free-fall making you feel like a pendulum swing when you reach a few feet from the ground. The cord or rope stretches after the jump then moves upward again as the rope recoils and will continue to move up and down until all the energy have dispersed. Sounds scary? Well, that’s where the thrill is. So here are some basic guidelines for a safe and secure bungee jump:

Double Checking Operators and Equipment
Safety first. Double checking the equipment and making sure that the staff and operators are very well trained and licensed are necessary in this kind of activity. They should also be able to conform to the mandatory codes of safety requiring them to check the equipment for the jump to be non-lethal. Experience is the best teacher. So you might as well check reviews for honest experiences and ask knowledgeable bungee jumpers for guidelines, precautions, and advice.

Trust Issues? Not with Your Instructor
In bungee jumping, definitely there will be someone who is going to guide you. The most important person during this moment in your life is your bungee jump instructor. It may be difficult to trust people these days but you have to whole-heartedly trust your certified instructor for they are skilled and knowledgeable with the activity. Your instructor will give you directions and procedures that are necessary for your first bungee jump to be a success. They may adjust your harness and fine-tune other equipment for your safety. Follow your instructor’s voice when they tell you what to do especially when they tell you to jump, do it for you not to lose the momentum.

Watch and Learn
This is practical for you mainly if it is your first time. You may learn from other bungee jumpers like on how and where to jump. Go ahead and watch them jump before you do for you to see different approaches on bungee jumping. You’ll see a variety of techniques and you may pick your own style for your satisfactory experience. But make sure to do it not too late for you not to miss the whole package.

The More Comfortable, the Better
Being at ease is one of the secrets in life. Now that we’re talking about bungee jumping, you should be comfortable, particularly with what you are wearing. Comfortable clothing is totally different from revealing clothes. So you have to make sure that what you are wearing is neither too tight nor fitted, or so loose that will show off your not to be exposed body parts.

Weigh In
Bungee jumping equipment is categorized as per weight. So as a first time bungee jumper, make sure that you are weighed for the staffs to know what equipment you’re going to use. Equipment should fit you well and must be suitable for your weight. You’d definitely not want something that will jeopardize your life so do the most important thing before jumping yourself off. This weigh in will be done by your instructor to make sure that what you are going to use is the one that can hold your weight. In doing such, avoidance of accident is put into effect and this will put you at ease and lessen those butterflies in your stomach.

American Motorcycle Association (AMA)

The AMA, also known as the American Motorcycle Association, was first founded in the year 1924 and currently headquartered in Pickerington, OH. This is a nonprofit organization that has numerous motorcyclists that host events and fight for motorcyclist’s legal rights around the country. A few years later in 1974, the AMA introduced the AMA Supercross Championship. This Event would soon lead to one of the toughest off-road championships in the world consisting of multiple different series.


Monster Energy Supercross is the first series of the year starting in early January and held indoor large football and baseball venues around the country. Supercross consists of a man-made course with extremely steep jumps, whoops, turns, and other obstacles. This series uses a 20-lap race format to determine the winner of the main event. Monster Energy Supercross is a total of 17 races that are scheduled nearly every weekend. The rider with the most total points and the end of those 17 races is crowned the Supercross Champion for the given year.


Motocross is the second half of the year’s race season that is usually made up of the same athletes from the Supercross series. Riders receive about a month break at the end of the Supercross season to prepare for the 12-race Motocross series that begins in May. Motocross events are held on man-made courses that are built on natural terrain with similar obstacles but on a much larger scale. Riders compete in two 30 min motos, to determine that weekend’s overall winner. The rider with the most points at the end of the 12 race series is crowned the Motocross Champion for the given year.


Arenacross is a series developed by the AMA which closely mimics the Supercross-style courses and scoring. These Events are down scaled and held in smaller venues such as ice hockey arenas and basketball stadiums. This series was developed by the AMA for a way amateur riders can transition into the main events of Supercross and Motocross.

These three strategic racing events allow these race teams to practice year-round for both indoor and outdoor seasons. Controlling these 250lb pound machines on technical tracks battling with 20 other riders is no easy task. Heart monitors on these riders show results of anaerobic plus heart rates. This form of endurance has granted motocross the title of the most physically demanding and dangerous sport in the world.

The Journey to Become a Motocross Athlete

Some of the world’s most elite athletes live lifestyles that are far different from any other professional athlete. Motocross riders endure the most physically demanding and dangerous conditions and are only recognized by a small portion of the total population. These athletes compete year-round for championship tiles and race victories for race teams which are much like employers. These athletes must maintain their lifestyle of extremely demanding training to keep competitive with other top performing competition. As new technology advances these race machines become even faster and more maneuverable than ever before.

This has pushed these athletes to the edge as racing has become increasingly dangerous. One small mistake at these speeds can cause severe injury to these athletes, forcing them to sit out for the duration of the season.

Training never stops for these athletes as they transition from an indoor season directly into an outdoor season. They are then exposed to the natural elements of extreme temperatures in head to toe gear in addition to wet and muddy conditions increasing the risk of a mistake which can be devastating to the riders. They are forced to relocate their family to be able to train at team race facilities located in Florida and California. These strategic locations allow these race teams to practice year-round for both indoor and outdoor seasons. Controlling these 250lb pound machines on technical tracks battling with 20 other riders is no easy task. Heart monitors on these riders show results of anaerobic plus heart rates. This form of endurance has granted motocross the title of the most physically demanding and dangerous sport in the world.

The journey to become a professional athlete in any sport whether it be baseball, basketball, football, golf, or motocross begins at a very young age. Many athletes were introduced to a particular sport by their parents in which they competed for many years. Their will become a point in a child’s life when he or she starts to make their own decisions as to whether or not they wish to continue to pursue their passion for a sport. Unlike any other sport in the world, motocross forces kids to sacrifice many things other sport do not, making their dream and passion a lifestyle. For example, the other sports I had listed previously allow all the athletes to compete in school organizing functions or town related teams that permit kids to compete on the weekend when school is out of session. Motocross is not one of these sports. Schools and towns cannot host their own motocross teams due to the high risk and liability to host one of these events. These Athletes then turn to nationally held events which host the top riders around the world for every age class. These events require most of the athletes to travel hundreds of miles to compete. At a young age these competitors rely on parents or guardians to cover costs and traveling arrangements to stay competitive. Many kids are then forced to be home schooled as a majority of their time is spent traveling and competing in hopes of one day accomplishing their dream of a professional motocross racer.

Motocross Is a Lifestyle

The older we get the more we notice how it’s more of the little things in life that mean the most to us. There is something that has been in my life since I was 4 and was a huge expense to my parents, but it also has meant the world to me. Motocross is one of the biggest parts of my life and still something I will continue to do until I possibly cannot and will pass it down to my kids one day. But now that I am older and have taken over the financial side of the sport I realize how expensive it all is for such a sport.

There is always going to be a “bad side” to anything that we do in life. With motocross, it seems to be a very steep money mountain to climb. For starters, there is the bikes that you ride, protective gear, and the parts for the bike that will cost anywhere from 5 thousand dollars as a young kid to 15 thousand when you have the bigger bikes. Along with those costs you will also be paying for the gas to travel to the races, the fees to get into the races, and hotel or camper fees if you have a camper. As the bad side goes for a sport that is the financial side of motocross. These costs add up over years of getting new bikes, gear, and parts. These could put a toll on you and your family financially.

Though there is a major negative side to motocross, I must say the great part of motocross is the parts big and little in life it will give you. As I said before I have been racing and riding dirt bikes since I was 4 years old. This sport has been a huge part of my life and will be for the rest of it. Motocross is the part of me that will always bring out the adrenaline junkie and the little kid that is trying to fly and be just like he imagines the superstars are. Motocross has given me the feeling of flying and the crushing sensation of being driven into the earth at a high rate of speed. These feelings good and bad are something I would never trade for anything. There is nothing more freeing that being out on your bike whether it be on a track, trails, or just out in the middle of some open field and being able to go where you want or as fast as you want. The feeling that you feel as you fly 50 feet off the ground and for a 150-foot distance is like nothing else. It’s almost as if I have motocross running through my veins and I only feel this good and clear when I am on my dirt bike. After you ride so long you feel as if the bike is an extension of you. There is always the big feelings of winning races or championships but these feelings that come over you when you ride mean the most to me.

Another rewarding aspect to the sport is getting to see little kids grow and love the sport as much as I did growing up. It is always so nice to be able to help the younger generation improve by giving them tips or helping them overcome their fears. Motocross has a special way of connecting all your family and friends. Not only does your family grow closer, but with this sport you can become closer with everyone in the motocross community as you travel, ride, and compete with them. Motocross is something that brings everything out of you and lets you grow as a person and that is worth every penny to me.

Jet Ski Safety Tips and Guidelines

When you like to spend time on the water during the summer, boating can be an enjoyable activity. A jet ski can give you an exhilarating way to explore the water. As entertaining as these personal watercrafts can be, they can also be extremely dangerous for both riders and people in their vicinity.

Know the Vehicle

Take the time to learn every facet involved with operating a personal watercraft to maintain optimal safety. These watercrafts have a kill switch that serves as a safety mechanism to stop the vehicle and avoid accidents. For example, you might have a safety lanyard that attaches to your wrist. If you fall into the water, the lanyard will automatically kill the engine to stop it immediately. This effectively prevents the watercraft from continuing to move unmanned. Always follow all manufacturer instructions and safety guidelines as well. You should never allow more than the recommended number of people to ride.

Wear a Lifejacket

Regardless of your swimming expertise, always wear a lifejacket when operating a jet ski. Current standards in lifejackets have improved their fit and appearance, making it less cumbersome to wear them. You will likely find lifejackets comfortable, easy to fasten, and lightweight. In the event of an accident, your lifejacket will help keep you afloat. Some accidents result in a loss of consciousness, which means that a lifejacket could be the only thing keeping you floating on top of the water.

Follow Local Laws and Restrictions

States and local communities typically set the legal age for jet ski use. Generally, the minimum age for driving one is 16, but some states and communities may have younger minimum ages. When minors use a personal watercraft, always ensure that an adult is providing adequate supervision.

Avoid Alcohol and Drugs

Safe operation requires fast reaction time to maneuver, turn, and stop in response to a variety of different scenarios that could occur on the water. Alcohol and drugs inhibit judgment and reaction time, making it exceedingly dangerous to operate a personal watercraft after use.

Pay Attention

The landscape of the open water requires diligent concentration while operating a jet ski. You’ll learn quickly about etiquette on the water, which frowns on cutting others off with your vehicle. A rider must be constantly vigilant to notice boats, downed skiers, other personal watercrafts, divers, and swimmers. It’s imperative that you maintain a wide berth between your vehicle and other people in and on the water. Distractions or lack of concentration could result in a devastating accident with significant injuries. Human error is another risk. It’s even possible to lose track of the shoreline and drive right up onto the shore, putting people there in danger.

Jet ski use has risen significantly over the last 20 years. In 2013, over 950 accidents occurred in the U.S.; over 600 people were injured and 36 people died. When accidents to occur, they are more likely to involve serious or fatal injuries due to speed and user errors, so safety is imperative.